Coaching + Tech for female entrepreneurs by a female entrepreneur who gets it

Ready to get unstuck?

Are you tired of analysis paralysis and shiny object syndrome? These things are actually just the side effects of fear — the good news is that this is an easy fix!

Maybe you’re thinking, “Whaaat? This person is crazy – if it was easy, I’d have fixed it by now on my own,” or maybe you’re feeling owned by the tech or to-do lists…these are all examples of the stuckness that many entrepreneurs feel.

But I bet you also feel other things. That you are meant for something bigger. That you know there’s more out there, that helping others is something you’re meant to do. These are the ideas that light you up, fill you with purpose and passion, but also scare the hell out of you.

So what’s a girl to do?

Female entrepreneurs are in a class of their own. Brilliant. Funny. They are Leaders. Creators. Awe-inspiring. Artists. Nurses. Lightworkers. You are a Super Woman!

The lotus flower blooms despite it being stuck in sh*t.

You might feel that there’s just too much mucky bullsh*t to wade through in order to be seen or heard or successful in the pursuit of your purpose. I’m here to help you find the confidence and clarity to beautifully succeed in your business. 

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Fun Facts

  • My childhood nickname was “Grace” because I constantly tripped over invisible things
  • At the age of 46, I discovered that I likely have ADHD (things make SO MUCH SENSE now!)
  • When I’m super uncomfortable, I laugh and crack jokes (I do this when I’m super comfortable too, so…)
  • I’ll be hiking the PCT in 2022!
  • I’m a Pinterest junkie and have saved over 32k pins (Seriously)
  • I’m on a personal mission to learn ALL THE THINGS

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.― Ellen Johnson Sirleaf