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Funnel Design

Unlock the power of seamless customer journeys with expert funnel design service.
From awareness to action, our designs prioritize user experience, incorporating intuitive navigation and compelling content to maximize results. Elevate your online presence and boost conversion rates with our specialized funnel design expertise—where every click counts.

Together, we'll craft the perfect funnel for your business!

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Winner announced Feb. 1, 2024

Being a service provider is not just a profession; it's a calling. The joy of bringing ideas to life, transforming concepts into visually stunning and functional websites, is at the core of my creative compass. One of my favorite things over my last 13 years in the digital marketing space is the endless opportunities to keep learning.

I've had the privilege of collaborating with amazing clients, and these collaborations have been the driving force behind the continuous growth and evolution of skills. The goal is not merely to design websites but to inspire and empower. I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of a well-crafted digital presence and I strive to make this accessible to every female entrepreneur.

In a world where brands are not just entities but stories waiting to be told, my mission is to help other women fall in love with their brand. It's about turning dreams into tangible digital realities, creating a lasting impact in the digital landscape.

I'm an adventurous scaredy-cat (one of my many contradictions) -- if I could give one piece of advice to you as you move through your own creative journey, it would be to embrace the fear and imperfection. 😘

* Client Love letters *

 I love the beautiful website that Darcy created for me. It perfectly reflects my business and personally. It has been an essential part of my business growth because my potential clients are able to find and connect with me.  Whenever I need a modification or have a question, Darcy is quick to respond. She makes the flow from idea to finished product seamless.  So happy to have Darcy as a resource to help my business grow. 


Founder Zenergy HQ

Darcy has helped me create a brand that aligns with my message. Not only has she created organic content for my social media platform, but she has taught me how to do so on my own. This is an invaluable gift, as I am able to continue to share my message on all platforms. I highly recommend Darcy’s services to all who seek them.

Michelle Rae Sobi, RYS

Owner, Edge Yoga School


Your plethora of knowledge has helped me tremendously with starting out in the Yoga business. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me in order to help me grow in the Yoga social media universe. I know where to turn when it comes to web design, social media advertising , etc. I appreciate you so much!


Yogi Indi