Can’t Find Your Mojo? Overcoming Creative Blocks

by Darcy Miller  - September 29, 2023

I’ve been there, standing at the intersection of potential and procrastination, feeling blah and a bit of meh, and just plain uninspired. It’s not a lack of capability but a battle with invisible forces that hold us back. The struggle is real, and it’s time to acknowledge it.

I am THE QUEEN when it comes to wasting time. For a huge chunk of my life and career, it was because I was avoiding what I feared…rejection, exposure, judgment…so I just didn’t do it. Instead, I would waste days scrolling through TikTok and Instagram. I would clean the kitchen cupboards and organize all my books alphabetically. ANYTHING except doing the work that would bring me closer to reaching my dreams.

Here are three tips you can use right now THIS MOMENT to break through your blocks and barriers and move a step closer to your dreams!

1. Pick one thing and JUST DO IT!
The difference between a dream and a goal is action. Do one small thing and I bet it makes all the difference when it comes to finding motivation to keep checking things off your list.

2. Step away for an hour.
It might be in contradiction to tip #1, but sometimes the ONLY thing that will get you closer to crushing your goals is taking a break. Take a walk, make some tea, do some yoga…just step away, completely, for an hour. When you come back, you will feel clearer and more confident in attacking those to-dos!

3. Journal or read from an inspirational book.
To get our creative juices flowing, sometimes we have to be a little manipulative with our subconscious. Journaling or reading inspirational books is a great way to stimulate the stubborn corners of your mind.


The Difference Between Dreams and Goals

Dreams remain in the realm of imagination until you breathe life into them through action. Consistent, intentional action turns dreams into achievable goals. It’s the secret sauce that transforms the abstract into the tangible.

Contradiction in Tips: The Power of Breaks

Taking a break isn’t a contradiction; it’s a strategic pause. It’s a deliberate step back to leap forward. Embrace breaks as allies in your journey toward productivity and success.

Manipulating the Subconscious: Journaling and Reading

Journaling and reading aren’t mere activities; they’re tools to manipulate the subconscious. They engage and stimulate, coaxing out the creativity that hides in the recesses of your mind. Make them daily rituals.

In the dance between inspiration and procrastination, the music changes when you take a step. Break through the blocks, confront the fear, and turn your dreams into tangible goals. Your mojo is waiting for you on the other side of action.

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